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Carlton Arms Hotel

The Carlton Arms Hotel has become known as New York's art hotel due to its evolving conceptual art project. The "Artbreak Hotel" boasts some of the most striking quarters on Manhattan Island.

With plenty of spirit and very basic conveniences, it's hallways, stairways, bathrooms and guest rooms explode with environmental art. As New York Newsday said "a riot of visual cacophony where up-and-coming artists from all over the globe take their talent to its walls. A live-in museum."

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Endeavor Printing

Digital printing solutitions, no matter what your endeavor!

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RosettaStone Fine Art Gallery

JB Berkow is the owner RosettaStone Fine Art Gallery and RosettaStone Corporate Art. This is a 3,200 square foot facility located in Jupiter, Florida. She is an internationally known artist who has never been satisfied with only selling her own work. Since as far back as 1976 when she founded the still famous cooperative gallery in Washington, D.C., Touchstone Gallery, she has been promoting and selling other artist’s work.

She is currently trying to develop an Art Center in Southeastern Florida that will hopefully serve as a model for the rest of the country on how to keep the fabrication of artwork in this country.

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Charlatan Ink LLC

Charlatan Ink LLC was established in 2009 within the walls of the iconic Carlton Arms Hotel, New York, by two visual artists, Dariusz Solarski from Poland and Austrian born Andre van der Kerkhoff. From the moment of its conception, the Charlatan Ink Art Project has grown from a whimsical idea into an ever expanding univers of ideas, which will touch over time all aspects of the visual arts in whatever form or shape.

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Commex Concepts

Commex Concepts is an award winning multifaceted organisation that retains it's traditional values of service and quality. They don’t just make a range of goods, they design, develop and manufacture unique products to meet your individual requirements. Their highly skilled team of specialist designers, tradesman and machinists are backed up with state of the art technology to work with you to create your vision.

The company has developed over the years to offer a wide range of services that loosely fall into the following categories: Design & Print, Signage & Display, Framing & Engraving and Architectural.