September 29th, 2011

Peter Simon Mühlhäußer (DEU) is the winner of Charlatan Ink Art Prize 2011.

'Questionmark' by Peter Simon Mühlhäußer, aluminum, 9x13x36 inch

Questionmark by Peter Simon Mühlhäußer

2nd prize winners:

Alexis Eggersten (USA) for film 'Transient' .

Transient by Alexis Eggersten

Blaide Lallemand & Hilary Cuerden-Clifford (AUS) for film 'Journey to the Morning: 5 Sleepers'

Journey to the Morning: 5 Sleepers by Blaide Lallemand & Hilary Cuerden-Clifford

Magnus Irvin (GBR) 'Happy Monkey Dream Room', conceptual work, acrylic and charcoal directly onto walls.

Happy Monkey Dream Room by Magnus IrvinHappy Monkey Dream Room by Magnus Irvin

3rd prize

Markus Mooslechner (AUT) for Humanchaos; Birth, Life & Death

Birth by Markus Mooslechner

Life by Markus Mooslechner

Death by Markus Mooslechner