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HyoungTae LIM (KOR)
I See

conceptual work

My works present the theme of 'life and death' out of the ways of existence of human beings.

The best method of leading a beautiful life for the present is seemingly to have such an attitude as preparing 'a true death'. In this vein, the 'life and death' of human beings seem to be the procedure of preparing 'a true death'.

In order to express this solemn theme of 'life and death', I grafted 'the five steps of death', presented in a book of 'Elizabeth Kubler Ross', a psychologist and hospice, onto my works.
This study presents terminally ill persons' psychological changes and is classified into as follows:

1st step - Denial,   2nd step - Anger,   3rd step - Bargaining,   4th step - Depression,   5th step - Acceptance

Human beings present these five different feelings and then face death solemnly. Of course, these five steps are presented individually or together according to personal conditions of feelings. 'I see, feel, think and get the GOD every day.' By this subject, the investigator tries to present 'a true death', which must be discussed in the 'life and death' of human beings, with five different forms of themes.

The 'life and death' of human beings begin with nature. Human beings live in the great sphere of nature and cannot live without nature. In other words, the meaning of nature comprises 'life and death' as well. In this regard, the investigator selected natural space as the background of works. In addition, since looking back now upon the bygone and strange days is the most appropriate way of expressing its fearfulness and never ending anxiety of feelings, the investigator selected not a real space but a natural space. If there is no stormy weather, there is no wonderful sight in a ravine. In this vein, the life of human beings looks just like nature.

Since this story derived from the investigator's extremely personal experience, the investigator adopted the form of self-portrait. However, the investigator wanted to present the fact that the model of works was not a special being but a small ordinary human being, thus expressing a common truth that everyone could be the hero of this story.

Hyoung Tae LIM - I See

Hyoung Tae LIM - I See