Helen Mok - Climbing Pod
Helen Mok (AUS)
Climbing Pod

conceptual work

As time inattentively passes by our childhood becomes but a distant memory.
Memories are nestled into our past and have a place of semi-permanence in us. By evoking and triggering these memories we are able to immerse ourselves in our childhood innocence and relive the fun and joyful experiences once again.

My works are directly based upon my personal childhood and seeks to trigger the childhood memories of my audience through interaction and play.

My current work Climbing Pod grows out of the idea of creating a sense of playfulness in an object. It utilises a windup mechanism allowing the seedpod to climb up the silver chain. The windup mechanism was taken from a broken windup toy, a toy similar to the one I had as a child. Once pulled the pod begins to climb up the silver chain, bringing the object to life.

The Climbing Pod represents growth and renewal while the recreation of the broken toy alludes to new life. The upward movement of the pod climbing represents the growing maturity of the seed as it develops life. The Climbing Pod’s windup mechanism symbolises the heart of the object while the roots at the base of the pod relates to the growth of the seed. I used sterling silver as a base material as it brings beauty to the life of each toy object I remake. The whiteness colour of silver is a symbol of the innocence and rebirth of the toy object.

Helen Mok - Climbing Pod Helen Mok - Climbing Pod