Markus Mooslechner - Humanchaos
Markus Mooslechner (AUT)

conceptual work

Humanchaos visualizes time gaps between human heartbeats. One could think, that our heartbeat has no special visual appeal other than the stock-market-like curve.

Seen from the artist's perspective, the same heartbeat can also show an incredibly complex pattern. Sequences of several thousand beats reveal structures so complex, that they are as unique and characteristic to its bearer as their fingerprints.

To generate a pattern, the artist selects heartbeat-triples as x/y/z coordinates and plots the concurrent point in 3d space. A sequence of several throusand such points reveals the characteristic chaotic pattern.

Sequence 1 (Birth): Origin of Data: foetal heart rate tracing in the maternal womb.
Sequence 2 (Life): Origin of Data: 20 minutes of cardio tracing throughout the arist's work-out-life.
Sequence 3 (Death): Origin of Data: Heart rate tracings during the last 15 minutes (including the moment of death) in the life of a male adult.

Markus Mooslechner - Humanchaos

Chaos is where we come from. Chaos is what we are and. Chaos is what we will be.

Markus Mooslechner - Humanchaos