Blaide Lallemand & Hilary Cuerden-Clifford (AUS)
Journey to Morning: 5 Sleepers

In sleep, our movements are no longer directed by our conscious selves, other rhythms come into play, surfacing an essence of our being.

These are explorative portraits of people of various ages, gender and cultural backgrounds in the state of sleep. Removed of all their material possessions and in a neutral space the viewers’ attention is focused on the body language of the subject, so gaining an insight into how they carry themselves through life.

Using black and while film, half hour exposures the photographs map the unconscious movements of the naked sleeper. They are then animated.

This media animation portrays 5 hovering in a womb of blackness, juxtaposing notions of the individual with the collective. Sleep is an experience all humans share, even though, it is when we are asleep that we are perhaps most ourselves, most unique.