Cristiana Cattaneo - Dado
Cristiana Cattaneo (ITA)

conceptual work, 100x100x100 cm

Is chance intrinsic to reality and therefore inevitable or is it just the boundary between what we know and what we ignore?

Dado is a concept comprising of painting, music and sculpture.
It is 6 paintings, acrylic on canvas each representing a face of a Dice. The paintings are mounted on a steel cube shaped structure hung from the ceiling.

Each painting tells the story of each number on the Dice and the story of chance which is related to that number

Six original pieces of music also accompany this work. Each piece represents a face on the dice and are played at random.

Dado is represented here as a study of the timeless questions through the intervention of chance.

Cristiana Cattaneo - Dado

Cristiana Cattaneo - Dado